Rehab cruise for cancer sufferers - a nonprofit organization
To support cancer sufferers and their families. To gain knowledge and insight into the various forms of rehabilitation for body and soul. We offer an event with rehabilitation activities combined with pleasure.
Cancer affects not only us patients, but also our entire family. We therefore offer support and rehabilitation activities also to the family members.
Our employees are professionals with many years’ experience in cancer care/Healthcare. 
The Cruise will be a break from otherwise tough and anguished period.

In our Rehab Cruises, we will provide:
* Lectures in relevant subjects
* Group therapy for sufferers and family members
* Nutritional advice
* Courses and activities for body and soul
* Workshop
* Activities for children
* Entertainment
* A Nurse to those who need help with daily care

Here are some Pictures from the event We Cruise Pink, summer 2014:




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